What is this App good for?
Prome is an App to make mobile instant promotion easily. The main goal of prome is to brand your shared images with your logo, to stand out of the crowd and get brand awareness so you can increase your sales or number of fans and followers.
Who needs this App?
This App is for everyone who is sharing or uploading images to any social network and wants to get awareness of his brand or just want to sign and protect the image or just apply a watermark.
It is also a cool App to document some project progress or travel information by applying dynamic infos like timestamps and much more. The use cases are endless, check out our Instagram or Facebook account to see what other users are doing with it.
Why do I need this App
Because you create your presets once and apply them in seconds to your images and share them instantly this App is a huge time saver for you. No more need to transfer your images to a local PC or MAC, applying watermarks or logos with a graphic tool like Photoshop or gimp and export them again in the right size for uploading. It is all done within the App!
Shoot with DSLR?

You are using a DLSR or any other professional camera. Does it make sense to use this App?
Absolutely – just upload your images to your phone and import them to the App.

Really cool App, but I miss a feature or something is not working.

No big Problem. You can either go to the settings menu and choose ‘Send us feedback’ or just send a mail to If you have a problem, please try to describe it as specific as you can. If you miss a feature we will be more than happy to listen to you.


What are Presets?

A preset is a predefined overlay to your images coming either from the phones camera or image library.
The preset holds the assets as well as a description how your overlay should look like.
You define the final default image ratio, orientation and much more.
You can add logos, shapes, text and even dynamic infos like timestamp to the preset.

How to create a preset?
Simply go to settings and tab on the preset button. Next, you see a list of all your presets you already have in your app.
Press the big ‘+’ button in the lower right corner to add a new preset. Now, you can define the image ratio as well as the image format.
By taping the preview area or the tuning icon in the right bottom corner you will enter the preset designer.
Once you are in the designer you can add elements to the preset such as:
– logos
– shapes
– text
– timestamp
Are there predefined presets?

Yes, you can import predefined presets either by presets shared by a friend or you can import presets by opening the preset shop.
You have access to the import functions in the list of presets screen.

Can I share my preset with friends?
Yes, simply go to the list or preset screen and tap the three little dots icon on the right side of the preset row.
Next, select share. We will then pack your assets and create a download link which you can then share with your friends.
How to manage my presets?
In the preset list screen you can share, duplicate and delete a preset.
You can also hide it from the main share screen if you feel more comfortable to keep the list of presets in the main share screen small and just show the once you need.


What formats can I use?
For best results we recommend PNG Files. JPG are also supported.
What logo size should I use?
It depends on your final output size of your image. As a general rule, the bigger the better.
If you plan to share your final images with 2048px width or height and want to apply a full size logo the size of the logo should also be in that range. Shrinking logos later is not a big issue, but blowing them up will result in bad image quality.
Importing logos/watermakrs/desing into the app

You can import your logo from your device image library. To get the image to the photo library you can
either send yourself a mail with the logo attached, grab it from your Dropbox, Google Drive or receive it via any messenger service like whatsApp you Facebook Messenger.
Please make sure you do not violate any copyright and only use your own logos.

Complex designs

If you have a more complex design with shapes, text and more, we recommend to create a complete design as a PNG file and import it to the App. You can even spit it into several areas for example the top or bottom area to make sure the design gets proper rescaled when changing the output format on the fly.


I have my preset, what now?
Once you have created your preset you simply go back to the app main screen.
On the app main screen you can either select an image from your image library or open the camera to shoot a new photo.
In both situations you will be forwarded to the app share screen. In this screen, you see your selected or created image and a slideview with your presets.
To apply a preset just tab on the preset and see the result in the preview area.
Fine tune and adjust photo
By tapping on the preview area or on the tuning icon in the right upper corner you can now adjust the photo size and composition. You can also change the preset default orientation and format to fit your needs for this particular photo.
Applying Filters

By swiping over the preview area you are able to apply some basic filters like greyscale, vignette, color enhancer.

Save and Share
Once you are happy with your preview you can save and share the image with friends by taping the save or share button on the right bottom corner.
– Save will export your image to your image library
– Share will just share the image without saving it to your image library.
You can do that with every preset if you like.
Tapping on the button on the left bottom corner, will you bring back to where you came from, either the image library or the camera.